What Is The Difference Between A Boeing 777 And 787? (Solution)

Due to the fact that the Boeing 777 series is usually bigger than the 787, it can accommodate more people. The 787-10 series has a greater carrying capacity than the smaller 777-200 series aircraft. Although it can carry more people than the bigger 777-300 versions, it falls short by 66 passengers when configured in a conventional two class configuration.

  • In terms of passenger capacity, the 777 can accommodate 250 to 400 passengers, whereas the 787 can accommodate 200 to 300 passengers, practically replacing the 767, although with a somewhat bigger cabin. Because of its clever new design, the 787 also boasts a greater range and is more fuel efficient than previous models. The aircraft makes it possible to use a point-to-point routing scheme.

Is 787 or 777 better?

Even though it does not have the large passenger capacity of the 777 and has a shorter range than the 777-3000ER, the 787 delivers better fuel economy as well as a more contemporary interior. It also costs around $50 million less than the Boeing 777, which is significant for airlines (for the new 787-10 vs. 777-300ER).

Is 777 or 787 newer?

Age. As you may have surmised, the 777 series predates the 787 series by several years. Boeing began manufacturing the 777 aircraft in 1993. United Airlines was the first commercial airline to employ the Boeing 777 in its fleet when it did so in 1994.

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Is the 777 and 787 the same type rating?

There are two ways to complete a B777/787 type rating: as part of the standard transition or as part of a Boeing Reduced Training Course to the B787. It should be noted that the B777 and the B787 have the same Type Rating. As a result, when a pilot obtains qualification on either aircraft, the endorsement on his or her pilot’s license will read B777/787.

What is so special about Boeing 787 Dreamliner?

One of the most distinctive features of the 787 is its raked wingtip, which is defined by the way the wing sweeps upwards towards the end. Its purpose is to improve the fuel efficiency of the airplane while also allowing it to ascend more efficiently. It’s likely the first time we’ve seen something like this in a business setting.

Is A350 bigger than 777?

The Physical Dimensions The 777-300ER has a wingspan of 212 feet 7 inches, while the A350 is only two inches shorter from wingtip to wingtip, putting it in second place. However, the A350 is 18 feet 5 inches in length and about 9 inches thinner than the 777-300ER model of the same name.

Which is bigger a 747 or 777?

Summary. The 777 is both larger in length and has a wider wing spread than the 747, making it the superior aircraft. Although the 777 is slightly shorter than the 747, it is not as short as you might assume, measuring only three feet shorter.

What is the difference between A380 and Boeing 777?

The Airbus A380 is capable of flying for up to 14,800 kilometers. It is possible to travel 16,090 kilometers on board the smaller 777X, whereas the bigger 777X can fly 13,940 kilometers on board the smaller aircraft. On range, the 777-8 surpasses the A380 by a significant margin. The A380 is equipped with four engines, whereas the 777X is equipped with just two.

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What is the difference between 777 and 777X?

The first and most noticeable difference between the 777X and the 777-300ER is the wingspan of the aircraft. However, the 777X will have more lift and less drag as a result of these unique wings. This contributes to the 777X being more fuel-efficient than the previous generation 777-300ER aircraft. Based on who you ask, the 777X is 10-15 percent more fuel efficient than the 777-300ER, according to some estimates.

What is Boeing’s newest plane?

In less than two years since its inaugural flight in January 2020, Boeing’s groundbreaking 777X made its first international appearance at the Dubai Airshow 2021, providing the public with an up-close look at the new flagship from both the interior and the outside. Take a look at how Airbus and Boeing did at the first international air show since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2009.

How much does a 787 type rating cost?

So, based on that time required plus, say, 2000 dollars for the course cost of materials, you’re looking at a total cost of roughly 22,000-32,000 USD, assuming, of course, that you pass the check ride at the conclusion of the course.

What is the difference between a 757 and 767?

On the exterior, the Boeing 757 is shorter and more slender than the Boeing 767, which is longer and bulkier. In part, this is because the 757’s cabin is 11 feet 6 inches wide, the 767’s is 15 feet 6 inches wide, and the considerably bigger 777’s cabin is between 19 feet 6 inches and 20 feet 6 inches wide, depending on the configuration. That implies the 757 is 42 percent slimmer than the 747.

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How much does a 737 type rating cost?

In appearance, the Boeing 757 is shorter and slimmer than the Boeing 767, which is longer and bulkier. In part, this is because the 757’s cabin is 11 feet 6 inches wide, the 767’s is 15 feet 6 inches wide, and the considerably bigger 777’s cabin is between 19 and 20 feet 6 inches wide, depending on the configuration. So the 757 has 42 percent less weight than the 747.

Which plane is bigger 747 or 787?

The 787 is shorter, smaller, and thinner than the 747 in all dimensions. As a result, the 787 has a reduced passenger capacity and a lower maximum takeoff weight (MTOW). Interestingly, the 747 is far quicker than the 787, which is surprising.

What is the best Boeing plane?

The Boeing 737, of course, has been Boeing’s best-selling and most-produced aircraft for many years. When it comes to overall deliveries, this is somewhat ahead of the Airbus A320 family, but not when it comes to orders. The Boeing 737 has been in service since 1967 and has gone through a number of series and variations throughout that time period.

What is Boeing’s largest plane?

In terms of length, it outshines the Airbus A340-600 by 3.1 ft, making it the world’s longest currently-operational passenger aircraft (0.95 m). The Boeing 747-8 has a maximum take-off weight of 975,000 lb (442 t), making it the largest commercial or military aircraft ever produced in the United States.

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