What Airlines Fly The Boeing 717? (Best solution)

Boeing 717
Primary users Delta Air Lines Hawaiian Airlines QantasLink AirTran Airways (historical)
Produced 1998–2006
Number built 156
Developed from McDonnell Douglas DC-9


  • In reality, just three airlines will be flying B717 flights in the next two weeks, all of them are located in the United States. Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, and Qantas are the airlines in question. In the period between April 26 and May 10, these three airlines have planned 5,669 flights of this sort, giving 654,274 seats on domestic routes.

Who still flies the 717?

DL, HA, and Qantas Link (QF) are the only operators of the 717 that are still in operation today. In January 2021, Spanish airline Volotea (V7) will retire its final V7 aircraft from service.

Does Delta still fly Boeing 717?

Boeing 717 and 767-300ER aircraft operated by Delta. Both of these aircraft are scheduled to be retired in the near future. Delta announced intentions to retire all of these aircraft by December 2025 in a September announcement. It has made some substantial headway in the removal of those planes from service, but it still has a wide range of alternatives with regard to the other aircraft.

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Why did the 717 fail?

The timing and market conditions of the aircraft’s failure were the primary reasons for its failure. The September 11th attacks took place only two years after the 717 was first flown. The assaults resulted in a major decrease in demand for air travel, which resulted in a significant loss in worldwide aircraft sales.

Why is the 717 so popular?

The 717 was able to reach the small, isolated islands of Hawaii, which were otherwise inaccessible by bigger narrowbody aircraft. Furthermore, with slightly more than 100 seats, the aircraft has the potential to transport a greater number of people than smaller regional jets and turboprops.

How much does a 717-200 Cost?

The basic 717-200, according to airline sources, will sell for between $22.5 million and $24 million, depending on the configuration chosen by the client.

What replaced Boeing 717?

The Airbus A220 is introduced as one of two possible replacements. The A220 is a narrow-body aircraft that can carry 100-160 passengers and is positioned between smaller regional planes and the more typical A321 and 737 aircraft. It is available in two different configurations, depending on the requirements. It will have a 32-seat economy cabin, which is the same as the present 717.

Why is Delta retiring the 717?

This brings us to the Airbus A220, one of two possible replacements. Designed to fit between smaller regional planes and the more typical A321 and 737 aircraft, the A220 is a 100-160 seat narrow-body aircraft. Based on the requirements, it is available in two variations. As with the modern 717, it has a 32-seat economy cabin.

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Is Delta retiring the 767?

In September 2020, the airline announced that the 767-300ER will be phased out by the end of 2025; however, Hauenstein would not commit to that timetable any longer. Investors were given a guideline rather than a specific date when the schedule was disclosed, and this was regarded a positive development.

Are 717 planes safe?

A fatality-free record is listed in the Boeing Statistical Summary of Commercial Jet Airplane Accidents Worldwide Operations 1959-2018, which is published annually. The following aircraft are listed as such: The Boeing 717 (originally the MD95), the CRJ700/900/1000 regional jet, the A380 superjumbo, the Boeing 787, the Boeing 747-8, the Airbus A350, the Bombardier C Series, the A340, and the A330 are all examples of aircraft built by Boeing.

When was the last 717 built?

In a ceremony held on May 23, 2006 at Boeing’s Long Beach, California facility, the company handed the final two 717-200 jetliners to customers. It marked the conclusion of a campaign that had begun with much promise but had eventually fallen short of capturing the attention of airlines.

What is the smallest Airbus plane?

The A220-100, the smallest airliner in Airbus’ commercial aircraft product line, was designed from the ground up to service the 100-135 seat market with unrivaled efficiency and comfort, and it was built to that specification. There are plenty of overhead storage compartments and enormous windows on this single-aisle aircraft that gives the impression of being on a widebody jet.

How fast can a 717 fly?

Performance. The Boeing 717 has a maximum flight speed of 811 kilometers per hour. The aircraft can fly at a maximum height of 11,278 meters and a maximum range of 2,645 kilometers. The aircraft’s take-off and landing distances are 1,905m and 1,402m, respectively, depending on the configuration.

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Is a Boeing 717 A small plane?

But, until recently, I’d never stepped foot on a Boeing 717, a smaller aircraft that Boeing acquired when it acquired McDonnell Douglas for $13 billion in 1995, a plane that I’d never seen before.

Why did McDonnell Douglas fail?

Before World War II, Douglas was the dominant player in commercial aircraft manufacture. Douglas failed because its products were not purchased by customers. A successful new product, the DC-9, and an order backlog in excess of $3 billion and expanding provided Douglas with enough work to keep its production lines humming for years contributed to the company’s demise.

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