How Much To Lease A Boeing 747? (Solution found)

The market lease fee for a Boeing 747-400, according to data supplied by and obtained by Collateral Verifications LLC, is anywhere between $50,000 and $110,000 per month, according to the website. As is obvious, the worth and cost of the aircraft will fluctuate based on a variety of criteria, including: age.

How much does it cost to lease a Boeing?

A Boeing 737-800 lease can cost anywhere from $150,000.00 per month to $245,000.00 per month, depending on the age of the aircraft and whether or not planned maintenance is included in the lease.

How much does it cost to lease a plane?

Renting a plane can cost anywhere from $150 and $500 per hour, depending on the plane’s size and engine capacity, however the actual figures vary from company to business.

How much does it cost to fly a 747 per hour?

According to Boeing, the typical airborne operational cost of a Boeing 747-400 is between $24,000 and $27,000 per hour, or around $39.08 to $43.97 every mile flown, with a fuel consumption of approximately $15,374 per hour.

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How much does a private Boeing 747 cost?

The cost of a Boeing 747-8 VIP is $367 million.

What does a 787 cost?

The fly away list price of a Boeing 787-8 aircraft, exclusive of reductions, is US$248.3 million, representing a severe financial burden for many carriers.

Is it cheaper to buy or lease?

Because you’re only paying a portion of the overall cost, leasing an automobile is far less expensive than purchasing one entirely. The dealership will pick up your vehicle after it has been sold, so you won’t have to worry about getting a decent price or finding a buyer for it when you’re through.

How much is a new Boeing 747?

At the time of writing, a brand new 747-8 would be worth $418.4 million, while its freighter sibling is valued slightly higher at $419.2 million, according to Boeing’s current list prices.

Is it cheaper to own or rent a jet?

While renting a private jet is far more expensive than taking a commercial trip, it is still significantly less expensive than purchasing your own aircraft. Flights aboard private planes are billed on an hourly rate basis. The cost of a flight is determined by the size of the plane, the length of the journey, and the number of passengers on board.

How much does a 747 engine cost?

It is estimated that a 747 engine will cost around $12 million, depending on the manufacturer. The expense of owning numerous engines may prevent an airline from purchasing them outright, and the company may instead choose to lease them.

Can you rent an entire plane?

For the same flight, chartering a complete jet can cost up to $35,000 per person. A third charter option is “seating by the seat” on a tiny commuter jet, which is comparable to travelling in commercial business class on a commercial flight. Seats may cost as little as $100 for short journeys and as much as $2,000 or more for a three-hour journey.

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How much fuel per hour does a 747 burn?

Whilst in cruise mode, the four engines of the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet consume around 10 to 11 tonnes of fuel per hour per engine. Every second, this translates to around 1 gallon (nearly 4 litres) of fuel being used. It can carry a maximum of 238,604 liters of gasoline and has a range of about 7,790 nautical miles, making it the most powerful aircraft ever built.

Who owns a private 747?

The 747-400 of Prince Al Waleed bin Talal’s private jet. Prince Al Waleed bin Talal owns the Boeing 747-400, the world’s second-largest private jet and the world’s second-largest private jet in terms of passenger capacity. The Saudi Arabian prince and investor, who is ranked 45th on Forbes’ list of the world’s wealthiest individuals, holds stakes in a variety of businesses in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

What private jet Do Kardashians use?

Kim Kardashian celebrated her 40th birthday in October by chartering a private jet – apparently a massive Boeing 777 – and flying 40 of her closest pals to a private island in French Polynesia to celebrate with them. The interior of the jet was unveiled in a video tour released on Instagram by the account kardashianvideo, which showcased a very amazing design.

Can you buy an old 747?

Yes, the 747 is a Type Certified and airworthy aircraft, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) does not care who owns it as long as they follow the laws. Boeing even offers them straight to the general public through their BBJ line of business. There are even a few secondhand ones available for purchase at the moment.

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