How Much Is A Boeing 777-300Er? (Solution found)

On March 13, 2019, the prototype 777X, which is a 777-9 variant, was unveiled to the public. The -200ER unit cost US$306.6 million in 2019, the -200LR unit cost US$346.9 million, the -300ER unit cost US$375.5 million, and the 777F unit cost US$352.3 million in 2019. The -200ER is the only Classic variation that has been listed thus far.

How much does a 777-300ER cost?

According to ch-aviation, the company’s current market capitalization is US$99.5 million. As a result, we may estimate that the B777-300ER is worth somewhere between US$30 million and US$100 million dollars.

What is the difference between Boeing 777-300 and 777-300ER?

The 777-300ER has a greater wingspan than the 777-200ER, although the two planes are otherwise quite comparable in terms of specifications. With the exception of it, the length, passenger capacity, height, fuselage width, and other characteristics of the 777-300 and -300ER are identical. This aircraft has a range of 7,370 nautical miles (13,649 kilometers) or 13,649 kilometers.

How much is a 777 worth?

In terms of pricing, the Boeing 737-700, which has an average price of just under 90 million U.S. dollars, is among the least costly models on Boeing’s price list, while the Boeing 777-9, which has an average price of 442 million U.S. dollars, is among the most expensive models.

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How much is private plane cost?

The cost of a flight is determined by the size of the plane, the length of the journey, and the number of passengers on board. According to Airshare, a private jet charter business, the usual cost to hire a private jet is between $2,000 and $23,000 per hour, depending on the aircraft. It is possible to spend $100,000 or more on a private aircraft hire for a weekend.

How much does a 747 cost to buy?

It costs $418.4 million to purchase a single Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental in 2019. While this was going on, a freighter model was being sold for $419.2 million per unit.

How far can 777-300ER fly?

777-300ER, which has a capacity of 386 people and a range of 7,825 nautical miles, was delivered to the first customer in May 2004. (14,490 km). In February 2006, Boeing delivered the first 777-200LR Worldliner (Longer Range), which can transport 314 people for a distance of up to 9,290 nautical miles (Page 2). (17,205 km).

How safe is 777-300ER?

One of the safest and most successful airplanes in aviation history, the Boeing 777 is still in service today. When it comes to long-haul flights, there’s a good chance you’ve been on at least one in the previous twenty years. It first flew with United Airlines in 1995, and today it is a part of the fleets of more than 50 different airlines across the world.

How much is a used 777?

A secondhand Boeing 777-200ER will most likely cost between $10 million and $60 million dollars. The low end is almost certainly too low, and the high end is almost certainly — or soon will be — too high. According to the analyst at JPMorgan, a 10-year-old 777 is more correctly valued at around $43 million.

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What is the cost of a 777 engine?

Each engine has a $24 million price tag. For the price of one engine, you could purchase this stunning Swiss residence, and for the price of two engines, you could purchase three 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossas, the most expensive automobile ever sold at auction.

How much does it cost to fly a 777 per hour?

The Boeing 777-300 is available for rent at an hourly fee of about 28,500 USD per hour.

How much does a 777 200 cost?

After reductions and other considerations are offered to airlines, the list price of a new 777-200ER is $277.3 million, while the price is more likely to be in the range of $193-$196 million. According to one expert, an 8-year-old Boeing 777-200ER was listed for $68 million at the time of Anderson’s statement, and it had previously been advertised for $200 million back in 2007.

How much is a 727 plane cost?

Using the average of the two sources, a 727-200 (advanced) aircraft constructed between 1978 and 1983 is worth $6.4 million on the market.

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