How Much Is A Boeing 767 Cost? (Correct answer)

The Boeing 737 twinjet is a shorter, more fuel-efficient version of Boeing’s 727 and 707 aircraft models.
As of March 2021, the following are the average prices for Boeing aircraft, broken down by type: (in million U.S. dollars)

Aircraft type Price in million U.S. dollars
737 MAX 10 134.9
767-300ER 217.9


How much does a 767 freighter cost?

The freighter variant of the Boeing 767-300 Extended Range jet can carry up to 52.4 tons of cargo and has a range and size that allows it to be used for long-haul, regional, and feeder flights in the United States. At a list price of $220 million per aircraft, the sale is valued at around $4.2 billion dollars.

How much does a Fedex 767 cost?

Price-wise, the 777 freighter has a list price of $339.2 million while the 767-300 freighter has a list price of $212.2 million. Boeing claims that the transaction raises the company’s total widebody freighter deliveries this year to more than 50 aircraft.

How much does a Boeing 777 cost?

For comparison, the 777 freighter has a list price of $339.2 million while the 767-300 freighter has a list price of $212,22 million. In a statement, Boeing said the transaction raises the company’s total widebody freighter sales this year to more than 50.

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How many BOEING 767 are still flying?

As of July 2018, there were 742 Boeing 767 aircraft in service, divided into three types: 73 767-200s, 632 767-300s, and 37 767-400s, which are shown in the following table according to version.

How much is a used Boeing 767?

The typical price for a pre-owned BOEING 767-300ER varies depending on a variety of circumstances, but it is around $17,500,000.00.

Why is the 767 so popular?

What is it about the Boeing 767 that makes it so popular? – Quora is a question and answer website. Wide-body aircraft having a big carrying capacity for passengers, two engines and long-range capability, and two pilots instead of three at a time when three-pilot cockpits were widespread. The “Glass Cockpit” and navigation system are state-of-the-art.

Does Drake own a 767?

Long-distance journeys are taken care of by the Canadian rapper Drake, who charters a Boeing 767-200 with a fully modified interior for his exclusive use. A video of the plane, which has been called “Air Drake,” has just surfaced, displaying the plane’s luxurious cabin.

How much is a Boeing 787?

The fly away list price of a Boeing 787-8 aircraft, exclusive of reductions, is US$248.3 million, representing a severe financial burden for many carriers.

How much does a Boeing 757 cost?

In 2021, there will be a significant variance in the pricing of Boeing 757-200s. For a Boeing 757-200, the current market price ranges from US$3.58 million to $11.27 million.

How much is a 747 cost?

The current cost is between $228 million and $260 million dollars in the United States.

How much is a new Triple 7?

This aircraft is listed for $320.2 million on the global market. The two-engine 787-9, which was revealed last summer and for which Boeing has received orders for 404 planes, costs roughly $71 million more than the 737 MAX 8. A total of 3 million components from 500 vendors throughout the world are included in the 777 project.

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Which plane is bigger 767 or 777?

In general, the 777 is significantly larger than the 767 in every respect. However, when we compare the 767’s largest variation (767-400) to the 777’s lowest variant (777-200), the size disparity becomes more difficult (777-200). The 767-400 has a tail height that is only six feet less than the 767-300 and a length that is just under eight feet shorter.

Which is bigger 747 or 767?

Yes, there is a difference, and it is a significant one. The 767 family has an interior cabin width of 15’6″, whereas the 747 family has an interior cabin width of 20′. In Business or First Class, you may believe you have more room than you actually have because of the seating density, but in reality you are in a tube that is 4.5 feet tighter.

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