How Much Does It Cost To Fuel A Boeing 777? (Best solution)

Is It Expensive to Fill Up an Airplane with Fuel?

Aircraft Fuel Capacity US Gallons Fuel Cost USD
Boeing 747-8 63,034 $294,999
Boeing 777-200LR 47,890 $224,125
Airbus A350-1000 41,948 $196,316
Boeing 787-10 ‘Dreamliner’ 33,384 $156,237


How much does it cost to fill up a Boeing 777?

On average, airplanes fill up with around 3,500 gallons of jet fuel, at a cost of approximately $7,070 per gallon of jet fuel. The price, on the other hand, might range from $4,040 on the low end to $14,140 on the higher end.

How much fuel does a 777 use?

A Boeing 777, especially the 777-200LR, consumes around 6.8 tons of fuel per hour, whereas the 777-300ER consumes approximately 7.5 tons of fuel per hour while cruising at 892 kilometers per hour at 30,000 feet. A 2016 improvement package improves fuel efficiency by 2% over the previous year. The -200LR’s fuel consumption is reduced to 6.66t per hour, while the -300ER’s usage is reduced to 7.35t per hour.

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How much does it cost to fly a 777 per hour?

The Boeing 777-300 is available for rent at an hourly fee of about 28,500 USD per hour.

How much does it cost to refuel a Boeing 747?

There are seats to fill. A fully stocked one is a moneymaker for the company. However, if an airline is unable to fill all of its seats, it must distribute the cost of 63,000 gallons of jet fuel — approximately $200,000 — among a smaller number of customers. In addition, the planes are too large for most airports.

How much is a gallon of plane fuel?

The average price of Jet Fuel A in the United States was $4.81 a gallon on April 15, 2021, according to the Energy Information Administration. By multiplying the above figure by the normal tank capacity of a commercial aircraft (3,500 gallons), you may estimate the entire cost of fueling your jet with Jet A gasoline to be around $16,835 in total.

How much does military jet fuel cost?

Per gallon, it costs 170.8 cents (in US dollars). 1 litre is equal to 0.3125 pence (pound sterling) 1 litre is equal to 0.40 Euros.

How big is a 777 fuel tank?

Boeing 777s are equipped with a central wing tank with a capacity of 98,700 litres (26,100 USgal), as well as left and right wing tanks with capacities of 35,200 litres apiece.

How far can a 777 fly without refueling?

In the commercial aviation industry, the longest flight without refueling has been little over 23 hours on a single leg. This was accomplished by a Boeing 777-200 LR, which flew from Hong Kong to London, covering a distance of about 20,000 kilometers (kilometers). In the next years, a new 21-hour flight between Sydney and London will be inaugurated between the two cities.

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How much fuel does a Boeing 777 use per mile?

On a 3,000-mile journey, Boeing claims their 777-200ER wide-body plane achieves nearly 82 miles per gallon while carrying 301 passengers in full comfort. However, when the travel distance is increased to 6,000 miles, the same jet only obtains 76 miles per gallon per passenger.

How much fuel does a 787 burn on takeoff?

It used 3700 pounds of gasoline in the first six minutes of the ascent, equating to a fuel flow of 37,000 pounds per hour. The ascent took 28 minutes from takeoff to the summit, and 13,000 pounds of gasoline was used throughout the process. The total fuel load for the flight was 163,000 pounds, which included taxi fuel.

How much does it cost to run a 787?

In the case of the Boeing 787-8, total variable expenses are $4,056,300.00, total fixed costs are $532,500.00, and the total yearly budget is $4,588,800.00. This is based on 450 annual owner-operated hours and a $4.25-per-gallon fuel cost. According to this, the equivalent of $10,197.33 per hour.

How much does it cost to land at JFK?

It costs $25 to land, unless you arrive between 3pm and 10pm, in which case you will be subject to the previously mentioned $100 fee. Parking is charged at a rate of $45 per eight-hour increment, with a facility fee of $33.60 waived if you purchase 10 gallons or more of gasoline.

How much is a gallon of jet fuel 2020?

A gallon of aviation gasoline cost $1.08 in June 2020, an increase of 5 cents from the previous month ($1.03), which was the lowest price per gallon since April 2004 ($1.01).

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How much is a gallon of jet fuel 2021?

Fuel costs per gallon for scheduled service on U.S. airlines are as follows: A gallon of aviation gasoline cost $1.51 in January 2021, an increase of 6 cents per gallon over the previous month ($1.45) but a decrease of 47 cents per gallon over the same month in January 2020 ($1.98).

Why is jet fuel so cheap?

Jet A fuel is less expensive than 100LL (avgas) fuel because it is less complicated and expensive to manufacture, less expensive to transport via pipelines, and used in significantly higher quantities, resulting in economies of scale. Jet A fuel is also less complicated and expensive to transport via pipelines.

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