How Many Gallons Of Fuel Per Hour Does A Boeing 737 – 400 Burn? (Solution found)

A 737 will consume around 5,000 pounds (750 gallons) of fuel per hour in round figures.
How efficient is a Boeing 737 in terms of fuel consumption?

  • Boeing has increased the fuel efficiency improvement on the 737 Max to 14 percent. According to the PDX light website, the geared turbofan — which gains efficiency by turning the outer fan more slowly than the inner turbine, thus pushing air past the engine for more efficient generation of thrust — has so far accounted for approximately one-third of Airbus orders, with another third of airlines still undecided on the engine.

How much fuel does a 737 burn per mile?

On a 1000-mile flight, a 737-800 with 162 passengers gets 96 miles per gallon per person, or 0.593 miles per gallon per passenger for the entire plane.

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How much fuel does a 747 400 burn per hour?

Whilst in cruise mode, the four engines of the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet consume around 10 to 11 tonnes of fuel per hour per engine. Every second, this translates to around 1 gallon (nearly 4 litres) of fuel being used. It can carry a maximum of 238,604 liters of gasoline and has a range of about 7,790 nautical miles, making it the most powerful aircraft ever built.

How much fuel does a Boeing 737 use on take off?

A normal two-hour trip takes around the amount of fuel the Boeing 747-800 consumes. – Quora is a question and answer website. During a two-hour flight, I anticipate it to burn around 5000 kilograms (11000 pounds) (it burns a lot on takeoff and climb but that burn is offset by reduced burn rates on descent). An educated guess would be 1600 gallons of Jet A over the course of two hours.

How many gallons of fuel does a 737 use?

In all, the 737-800 has a fuel capacity of 6,875 gallons, which it transports through fuel tanks in its wings, as seen above, and through a gasoline tank positioned beneath the center of the passenger cabin. When fully laden, the aircraft can go up to 3,159 miles before requiring refueling.

How much fuel does a 747 hold in gallons?

Let’s start with the most well-known of all commercial aircraft, the Boeing 747. According to the Boeing website, this type, which has a gas tank capacity of 63,500 gallons, can consume up to five gallons of jet fuel each mile of flight distance.

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How much fuel does a 747 burn per hour?

The fuel consumption of the Boeing 747 In comparison to the Airbus A321neo, which consumes 0.683 litres per second, the Boeing 747 consumes nearly 4 litres per second, translating to 240 litres per minute and 14,400 litres per hour.

How much does it cost to fill a 747 jet with fuel?

There are seats to fill. A 747 can accommodate 380 to 560 passengers, depending on how the aircraft is configured by the operator. A fully stocked one is a moneymaker for the company. However, if an airline is unable to fill all of its seats, it must distribute the cost of 63,000 gallons of jet fuel — approximately $200,000 — among a smaller number of customers.

How many gallons of fuel does a 747 burn on takeoff?

What is the fuel consumption of a Boeing 747 during takeoff? During takeoff and ascent to cruising altitude, a typical Boeing 747 passenger jet consumes around 5,000 gallons (nearly 19,000 liters) of fuel, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. This indicates that a 747 burns through 10% of its total fuel capacity just during takeoff and landing.

How much does a gallon of jet fuel Way?

Approximately 6.7 pounds is the estimated weight of a gallon of jet fuel. Because gasoline expands and contracts as a result of temperature variations, the weight of a gallon of fuel might fluctuate somewhat. The average weight of 6.7 pounds per gallon is achieved under “normal” conditions.

How much jet fuel does a 737 use per hour?

Q: How much gasoline does a medium-sized aircraft, such as the Boeing 737, consume each hour on average? A 737 will consume around 5,000 pounds (750 gallons) of fuel per hour in round figures.

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How much fuel does a private jet burn per hour?

As a result, private aircraft may consume anywhere from 50 gallons of gasoline per hour to 626 gallons of fuel per hour, depending on their configuration.

How much fuel does a plane used during takeoff?

Takeoff and ascent to cruising altitude need around 5,000 gallons (approximately 19,000 liters) of fuel for a jumbo jet. This represents around a tenth of the vehicle’s total fuel capacity. Once in the air, most jumbo aircraft consume around five gallons (19 liters) of gasoline each mile flown.

How much fuel does a 737-800 burn per hour?

Engine for the Boeing 737-800 On a similar voyage, this aircraft consumes 850 gallons of jet fuel per hour, which is approximately 80% of the fuel consumed by an MD-80 on the same flight, but carrying many more people than the MD-80. According to the Airline Monitor, a trade newspaper for the aviation industry, a Boeing 737-800 consumes 4.88 gallons of gasoline per seat per hour on average.

What fuel does a Boeing 737 use?

Jet-A, the fuel that powers modern commercial aircraft, is a mixture of finely refined kerosene that burns at temperatures of at least 49 degrees Celsius (120 degrees Fahrenheit). The flash point of kerosene-based fuel is substantially greater than that of gasoline-based fuel, indicating that it requires significantly higher temperatures to ignite.

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