How Many Boeing 737’S Are In Service? (Best solution)

Boeing 737 Next Generation (Boeing 737NG)

Boeing 737 Next Generation 737-600/-700/-800/-900
Status In service
Primary users Southwest Airlines Ryanair United Airlines American Airlines
Produced 1996–2019 (civilian variants) 1996–present (military variants)
Number built 7,086 as of December 2021


How many Boeing planes are in service?

More over 10,000 Boeing-built commercial jetliners are in operation across the world, accounting for about half of the world’s total fleet.

Are there any 737 300 still flying?

Three Boeing 737-300s are still in service with various operators across the world. Air Peace, Belavia, Boliviana, MaxAir, Star Peru, and Trigana Air Service are some of the airlines that operate in Peru.

Are there any 737 100 still flying?

An aircraft in commercial service was retired in 2003, while an aircraft in the Mexican Air Force was withdrawn in 2004. The first one manufactured, which was operated by NASA for the entirety of its life, was preserved in 2004 and is the only 737–100 still in operation today.

Is the 727 still in service?

An aircraft in commercial service was retired in 2003, while a plane in service with the Mexican Air Force was retired the year before that. This is the only 737–100 remaining in existence, and it was the first one produced. It was used by NASA during its whole life and was preserved in 2004.

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How many Boeing 747 are still in service?

As of December 2021, there were 447 Boeing 747 aircraft in active airline service, consisting of 6 747-100s, 19 747-200s, 4 747-300s, 270 747-400s, and 148 747-8s. The 747-100s were the most common, followed by the 747-200s and 4 747-300s.

How many Airbus A320 are in service?

Since the introduction of the Airbus A320 single-aisle medium-range airliner in 1988, the A320 family has grown to include more than 5,000 aircraft in service, with an additional more than 8,600 aircraft on order.

What is Boeing’s largest plane?

In terms of length, it outshines the Airbus A340-600 by 3.1 ft, making it the world’s longest currently-operational passenger aircraft (0.95 m). The Boeing 747-8 has a maximum take-off weight of 975,000 lb (442 t), making it the largest commercial or military aircraft ever produced in the United States.

Is a 737 or 747 bigger?

In comparison to the 747, the 737 is smaller, with a wingspan of 117 feet (35 m). This allows it to travel to airports with smaller terminals and gates, which is advantageous. The 737 has logged more miles on the road than the 747.

Are there any 747 200 still flying?

There is currently just one operating 747-200 in the globe, according to statistics from, indicating that the aircraft’s demise has been so severe that it is no longer in service. The engine firm Rolls-Royce is the proud owner of this aircraft, which has the registration N787RR. The plane, which is 41 years old, is used as a testbed aircraft by the corporation.

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How many passengers can a 777 carry?

Depending on the configuration, the 777 can accommodate 312 to 388 passengers in three classes and has a range capability of 5,120 nautical miles (9,480 km) to 9,290 nautical miles (17,205 km). The 777-200 has a seating capacity of 312 people and a range of up to 5,120 nautical miles (9,480 km).

What is the oldest plane still flying?

Bleriot Monoplane (Bleriot Monoplane) The Bleriot XI is the world’s oldest aircraft that is still in service. And it’s not even close to being a tie! In a region where generations of aircraft have been created and retired in its wake, the Bleriot XI, one of the earliest planes ever made and still in service in Hudson Valley, New York, is one of the oldest aircraft still in operation.

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