How Does The Boeing Global Supertanker Work? (Solved)

The Global Supertanker was fitted with a pressurized liquid drop system, which was capable of dispersing fire retardant under high pressure or dropping fire retardant at the rate of falling rain while under high pressure.
Currently, the Boeing 747 Supertanker is still in operation.

  • It has been taken out of service. Global Supertanker Services (which bought the majority of Evergreen’s assets) created the third 747 Supertanker, which is now owned and operated by the company. N744ST (tanker/tail number 944) is a Boeing 747-400, which has been called “The Spirit of John Muir.”

Where is the global SuperTanker now?

A cargo plane conversion is now underway at BT Aerospace in San Antonio, Texas, where the plane is being stripped of its drop system and modified to be used for cargo transport. The corporation, Global Supertanker, has sacked all of its workers with the exception of a number of them as it continues to collapse.

What is a global SuperTanker?

In order to combat wildfires from above, the Global SuperTanker is one of many enormous airtankers that are utilized to dump fire retardant and water on the fires. In addition to dropping water on the fires, it is standard practice to drop fire retardant near to or surrounding the fires as an additional line of defense.

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Who owns the 747 global SuperTanker?

However, before that could happen, the company’s owner, Alterna Capital, shut it down and sold the aircraft as well as the RDS to two different firms. The 747 was acquired by National Airlines for use as a cargo, while the RDS was purchased by Logistic Air for use as a passenger plane. On May 14, 2016, a 747 SuperTanker drops a demonstration water drop in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Who owns global SuperTanker?

National Airlines, based in Orlando, announced this week that it has acquired the Global SuperTanker and will convert Tanker 944 back to cargo configuration. Tanker 944 will be added to the company’s cargo fleet, which currently consists of five Boeing 747-400 aircraft, one Boeing 757-200 aircraft, and one Airbus A300-200 aircraft.

Why is global supertanker grounded?

The Global Supertanker, headquartered in Colorado and the world’s largest firefighting jet, has been grounded as the fire season approaches. The world’s largest firefighting jet has been grounded just as fire authorities in Western states prepare for a wildfire season that they predict will be worse than the usual.

Why is the firefighting SuperTanker grounded?

NBC News — It has been reported that the owners of the world’s largest firefighting jet, which has been grounded because it is no longer profitable, would be bringing the plane back into service ahead of a potentially disastrous wildfire season in California.

How does aerial firefighting work?

Airborne firefighting has a specific goal in mind. As an alternative, airplanes give assistance to the ground personnel. When a huge jet drops a cloud of red fire retardant on the scene of a forest fire, it aids in the formation of a fireline around the raging inferno. The flames are slowed or held in place until the ground troops can bring them under control.”

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How much does a 747 SuperTanker cost?

Upon the bankruptcy of the original manufacturer, Global Supertanker acquired the rights to the retardant system and modified it to fit the 747-400 aircraft. According to reports, the aircraft was purchased for more over $10 million and then converted into an air tanker. The Evergreen 747-100 Supertanker, the first generation of the aircraft.

How much does a 747 cost?

At the time of writing, a brand new 747-8 would be worth $418.4 million, while its freighter sibling is valued slightly higher at $419.2 million, according to Boeing’s current list prices.

How much fire retardant can a 747 hold?

The majority of big air tankers have a capacity of up to 3,000 gallons of retardant. The 747 is capable of transporting far more retardant than any other aircraft. When it was initially launched, it had a capacity of 20,000 gallons. After that, the federal authorities confirmed that it contained 19,200 gallons of water.

How many supertankers are there?

Supertankers are now a significant component of the world’s tanker fleet, with more than 200 of these 1100-foot behemoths now in operation across the world. There is no longer any doubt about the fact that these massive tankers will be engaged in the transit of oil to the United States in the future.

How much water can a firefighting plane carry?

After being decommissioned from the Navy, the planes were converted into aerial tankers for firefighting operations in the area. Approximately 7,200 gallons of water or fire retardant may be carried on board the aircraft, and its drop can cover an area of up to 4 acres.

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How much retardant does a VLAT carry?

Very Large Airtankers (VLATs) are aircraft that are capable of delivering more than 8,000 gallons of fire retardant to firefighters on the ground in a single flight.

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