How Big Is A Boeing 737?

737-700 737-800
Maximum seats 149 189
Length 33.6 m (110 ft 4 in) 39.5 m (129 ft 6 in)
Wingspan 35.8 m (117 ft 5 in) 35.8 m (117 ft 5 in)
Height 12.5 m (41 ft 3 in) 12.5 m (41 ft 3 in)


  • Approximately 39.62 meters (130 feet) in length, the Boeing 737-800 is the longest commercial airliner in the world. The Boeing 777-200 has a total length of 64 meters (209.97 feet), making it the longest commercial aircraft in the world. So the Boeing 777-200 has a total length of 24.38 meters, which is 24 meters longer than the Boeing 737-800. The height of an airplane is measured from the ground to the point on the tail that is the highest in the sky. Its height is 12.5 meters or 41.01 feet, which makes it the tallest commercial airliner in the world.

How many seats are there on a 737?

The Boeing 737-800 is mostly in competition with the Airbus A320. The Boeing 737-800 can accommodate 162 people in a two-class configuration or 189 passengers in a one-class configuration.

Is Boeing 737 small?

It is manufactured by Boeing at its Renton Factory in Washington, where it is referred to as the Boeing 737 narrow-body aircraft. The twinjet, which was designed to augment the Boeing 727 on short and thin routes, preserves the 707’s fuselage cross-section and nose while adding two turbofans to the underside of the wings.

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Is a Boeing 737 bigger than an Airbus A320?

Because the A320 is somewhat broader than the B737 (by approximately 7 inches), you will note that the cabin isle is slightly wider on the A320. While separate airlines choose seat standards, the A320 passenger seats are normally a little broader than those on other aircraft.

How many seats does a Boeing 737-700 have?

The Antonov An-225, the world’s longest and heaviest operational aircraft, has returned to the sky after a hiatus of ten months. Operational activities for the aircraft were halted in August of 2020, according to RadarBox.

What is the smallest 737?

The 737-600, the smallest jet in the Boeing 737 NG series, is an updated version of the 737-500, which was previously used as a training aircraft. With a maximum range of 6,000 kilometers, this extremely efficient jet is the first airliner in the Boeing 737 Next Generation series.

What engines do 737 use?

The engine that powers the Boeing 737 Next-Generation family The CFM56-7B is the engine of choice for the Boeing Next-Generation single-aisle aircraft, which is currently in development. 737 aircraft are powered by more than 8,000 CFM56-7B engines, making it the most prevalent engine-plane combination in the commercial aviation industry.

How many passengers can a 777 carry?

Depending on the configuration, the 777 can accommodate 312 to 388 passengers in three classes and has a range capability of 5,120 nautical miles (9,480 km) to 9,290 nautical miles (17,205 km). The 777-200 has a seating capacity of 312 people and a range of up to 5,120 nautical miles (9,480 km).

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Which plane is bigger 747 or A380?

The Boeing 747-8i is 76.3 meters (250 feet 2 inches) in length and has a wingspan of 68.4 meters (224 feet 5 inches). In terms of length, the A380 is 72.7 m / 238 ft 6 in length, which is somewhat shorter than the 747-8i. The A380 has a wingspan of 79.8m / 261 ft 10 in, which is significantly longer than the entire length.

What is the largest airliner?

When the Airbus A380 performed its first test flight on April 27, 2005, it was announced that it will be the world’s biggest commercial aircraft.

Do pilots like Boeing or Airbus?

Absolutely. The control systems used by Airbus and Boeing are very different, and most pilots strongly favor one over the other. ) (Because the Explainer isn’t aware of any polls, he has no means of knowing which manufacturers pilots prefer in the aggregate.) Modern Airbus jets are equipped with a “fly-by-wire” control technology.

How can you tell how full a flight is?

The second option is to check into the airline’s website a few days before your trip, enter the record locator for your ticket, and see whether it is possible to alter your seat. Your browser will be sent to a website that displays all of the available seats on your chosen airline. You may get a sense of how packed your flight is by counting the number of seats that are still available.

How big are Southwest planes?

Southwest flies exclusively Boeing 737s, Boeing 737-700s, Boeing 737-800s, and a small number of Boeing 737-MAX 8s. The bulk of the planes (700s) have 143 seats, whereas the 800s and MAX 8s have 175 seats. SeatGuru offers seating charts, however I’ve found them to be frequently wrong in my experience.

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How big are Southwest seats?

Southwest Airlines offers 32-inch seats. Southwest Airlines, whose seats in the United States have the second largest legroom in the country. Boeing 737 planes are used exclusively by the all-economy carrier, which has seating configurations with 32 inches of pitch on all of its aircraft.

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