How To Get Into Airplane Repo?

To get started in this field, you must first obtain your pilot’s license. Learn to fly as many different types of aircraft as you possibly can. Make contact with banks to inquire about openings or with a repossession business to inquire about repossessions. Aside from planes, numerous firms are also involved in the repossession of boats.

Is it illegal to repo a plane?

According to the Uniform Commercial Code, a secured party may repossess an airplane provided it can do so without endangering the public order.

How much of airplane repo is staged?

A secured party may repossess an airplane under the Uniform Commercial Code if it may do so without endangering the public order.

Is airplane repo a staged show?

A number of examples demonstrate that the incidents are scripted and produced. The program makes it appear as though it is a real and totally legal replica of an airplane, completed by the performers of the show. Kevin and Mike are both real-life aviation repo agents who track down and seize control of the jet.

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Is airplane repo discontinued?

Airplane Repo has been canceled, and the Discovery Channel series will not return for a fourth season.

Why do repo men have to sneak?

In certain jurisdictions, the protection of property can be used as an excuse for the use of force against repossession agents (which is why most of these guys operate with a hefty dose of stealth; much easier overall to just grab it and go than to have to deal with an angry owner).

How much do repo pilots make?

Some of those pilots have done some freelance work on the side to augment their income, and when you have a skill set as specialized as theirs, airline repossession is a logical next step. Pilots are paid anything from $500 to $1,700 per day for their employment — plus costs — for their efforts.

Does Mike Rowe narrate Airplane Repo?

Some of Rowe’s other projects include Mystery Diagnosis, Drydock: A Cruise Ship Reborn, Southern Steel, Powertool Drag Racing, Scavengers Rock (Animal Planet), Airplane Repo, and the pilot episode for the Syfy television series Ghost Hunters, which is produced by the same people who brought you the American Chopper.

How old is JFK plane repo?

According to the official website of Mike Kennedy, he is 56 years old. He has devoted more than two decades of his life to his job as an aviation repo technician. He was born in Anchorage, Alaska, but he and his family presently reside in Orlando, Florida, where he works.

How much is Mike Kennedy from Airplane Repo worth?

Mike Kennedy’s net worth is $2 million dollars. Mike Kennedy is a Canadian-American reality television star who has a net worth of $2 million dollars. For the most part, Mike Kennedy is recognized for his role as a cast member on the Discovery Channel’s reality television series Airplane Repo, in which he performs the role of an airplane repossession agent.

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How many planes are repossessed every year?

He resides in Santa Barbara, California, and says he routinely recovers approximately 30 planes every year, ranging from Piper trainers powered by propellers to Gulfstream business jets with twin engines.

How true to life is Airplane Repo?

According to Aircraft Compare, “In actuality, Popovich himself has admitted that the final episodes of the program are not based on true events. In Airplane Repo, the longer you get through the episodes, the less realistic the show becomes.”

Does Kevin Lacey still repo airplanes?

Kevin Lacey does more than simply repossess planes for a job; he also restores them, which adds to his income and helps him supplement it. He and his firm, Texas Air Fleet, also provide a wide range of additional technical services for a number of aircraft types, ranging from commercial planes to smaller jets.

What is Kevin Lacey doing now?

Lacey began constructing his own aircraft when he was barely 20 years old. He has completed more than 450 repos all throughout the world. Lacey currently resides in McKinney, Texas, where he is a co-owner of the firm Texas Air Fleet/Rangers with his brother.

Is Operation Repo scripted?

Re-enactment and authenticity are important considerations. Despite the fact that Operation Repo is based on true instances of repossession situations, the show portrays scripted and dramatized re-enactments in which the cast “recreates” incidents by utilizing actors and produced action video, the show is rated PG-13.

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