How Many Seats On Southwest Airplane? (Solved)

Currently available fleet

Aircraft In service Passengers
Boeing 737-800 207 175
Boeing 737 MAX 7 150
Boeing 737 MAX 8 69 175
Total 735


  • Southwest Airlines began upgrading their 737-700 fleet in March 2012 in order to expand their seating capacity from 137 to 143 seats per aircraft. These newly rebuilt aircraft will also be equipped with the new Evolve Interior, which will have silmline seats.

How many seats are on a Southwest plane?

Southwest flies exclusively Boeing 737s, Boeing 737-700s, Boeing 737-800s, and a small number of Boeing 737-MAX 8s. The bulk of the planes (700s) have 143 seats, whereas the 800s and MAX 8s have 175 seats. SeatGuru offers seating charts, however I’ve found them to be frequently wrong in my experience.

How many seats does a Southwest 737-800 have?

The Boeing 737-800 is a commercial airliner (738) With a capacity of 175 passengers, this aircraft has redesigned seats with a more comfortable bottom cushion that provides greater lumbar support as well as a fixed winged headrest for each passenger.

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How is the seating on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest has an open seating policy, which means that there are no assigned seats on the plane. Upon check-in, you’ll be assigned to a boarding group (either A, B, or C) and a position (1-60+), which will determine your boarding order for the flight. When you board the ship, you can select your seat. If you are the last person to board the plane, it is likely that you will not be able to seat with your family.

Is Southwest flying at 100% capacity?

In a recent announcement, Southwest Airlines stated that it will begin scheduling flights at full capacity, allowing for the booking of middle seat availability. In order to comply with social distance standards imposed by COVID-19, the airline has been leaving middle seats available since the beginning of the epidemic in March of this year.

Which airline has the biggest seats?

As a result of the spacious nature of the majority of their economy and coach class seats, Jet Blue is the clear winner in the “largest pitch” and “widest seat” competitions. Jet Blue’s cheapest seats have a pitch that ranges from 32 to 35 inches (on most flights), with certain planes having a pitch that ranges from 37 to 41 inches (on select trips).

How many seats are on a Southwest 737?

Southwest Airlines’ Boeing 737-700 aircraft has 143 seats and accounts for more than 60% of the company’s fleet of aircraft.

How many seats does a 737 700 have?

The Boeing 737-700 is a commercial airliner (737) Southwest Airlines began upgrading their 737-700 fleet in March 2012 in order to expand their seating capacity from 137 to 143 seats per aircraft. Along with the new Evolve Interior with silmline seats, every freshly redesigned aircraft will be outfitted with a new exterior paint scheme.

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How many seats does a Southwest 737 Max 8 have?

According to Southwest, it plans to configure the 737 Max 7 with 150 seats, as opposed to the earlier type of the 737 it will replace, which has 143 seats. The airline’s 737 Max 8 aircraft have 175 seats each. According to Teal Group’s Richard Aboulafia, vice president of analysis, Southwest is likely to have gotten a significant discount on the jets.

Does Southwest have bigger seats?

All seats on a SW aircraft are practically identical, with the exception of those in the exit row and those in the bulkhead. You may find measures in this section. As a result, Business Select does not provide you with a bigger seat. For further information on how SW fares differ, please see this page.

Do you pick seats on Southwest?

Southwest® allows you to choose where you want to seat. When you board the plane, you are free to sit in any available seat because we do not allocate seats on our flights.

Is Southwest blocking middle seats?

The boarding procedures of American Airlines have never been altered. After most airlines made the decision to stop blocking middle seats, which was a popular tactic early in the epidemic, the boarding modifications followed. Southwest began removing center seats from the system on December 1.

Is Southwest filling all seats?

Southwest Airlines ceased barring seats in December, and flights are now able to be completely full. However, as a trade-off, strong mask enforcement is required in addition to current health and safety regulations. However, there are still irregularities throughout the airline’s network, particularly at outstation airports.

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Are any airlines blocking middle seats?

Delta will soon sell all available seats on its flights, putting an end to empty middle seats. Delta has been the sole U.S. airline to continue to block middle seats in order to provide customers with additional space onboard its flights for several months.

Can you tell if a Southwest flight is full?

Nonetheless, you may search for the 8-person reservation up to an hour before flight time to have a rough indication of whether it is completely filled, 99 percent full, or 99 percent or less full.

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