Have you always wanted to fly an airplane?

The Introductory Flight is your chance to try it out.

Call and schedule a two-hour block of time. The fee is $149.00.

When you arrive at Linden Airport Hangar 400 (how to get here), you and your instructor will spend a few minutes talking about what makes an airplane fly. This is a taste of the learning required to get a pilot’s license.

Then you will go to the airplane, a Diamond DA20-C1 Eclipse. Your and your instructor will do a preflight inspection. This is your first chance to learn the parts of an airplane. If you already know the parts, then it is your chance to test the instructor’s knowledge of the obscure parts.

You will taxi the airplane to the runway. Most people can do this the very first time. You just have to remember to steer with the rudder pedals and not the stick. You will talk on the radio and anounce your inentions. Then you will enter the runway and push the throttle forward. Using your new taxi skills, you guide the airplane straight down the runway until you reach flying speed. When your instructor says to, you will ease the stick back and … you are flying! Most people do this without any help at all. For many people, this is a life-changing experience.

We fly out over rural New Jersey and learn aircraft control. We climb, descend, and make turns. We learn to identify landmarks on the ground, including Interstate 80 and Lake Hopatcong. Eventually, we listen to the ATIS (weather and airport advisory) and return to Linden. It is not uncommon for the new pilot to land the airplane on the first flight. Don’t worry, though, people who do it on the first flight usually spend many more tries to recapture that beginner’s luck.

Then we taxi back to the hangar and have a short discussion about the flight (a “debrief”). Your instructor will sign your logbook — evidence of your first hour of instruction.

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Intro Flight Payment, Weather, and Cancellation Policy